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Legacy Speckle Park is owned and operated by the Vogel family, which currently is Peter, his son Josh, wife Kathleen and their family.  Legacy Speckle Park purchased their first purebreds in 2001, some of which are still around today.   They continue to breed and develop a line of cattle that will thrive and survive in any climate. Visitors to the ranch and website will see our vision for economical cattle, and realize we have the determination to achieve this vision. Our primary target is the commercial producer, they are the ones most likely to benefit from our breeding program.  We want to be known as a source of honest and reliable genetics, that will stand the test of time.  People will find that we do not stray or bend to the fads of the show ring.  We all know the pursuit of a ribbon has altered the course of more than one breeding program, that will not happen here.  We are committed to raising cattle that work for us, not the other way around.

Legacy Speckle Park

              As a commercial producer we have found the Speckle Park to be an excellent cross.  We achieve hybrid vigour on all of our British based cows.  We spent countless hours improving our purebred genetics based on the results of our commercial herd.  As this breed moves into the mainstream both purebred and commercial cattleman can look to Legacy Speckle Park for quality genetics.

            At one time we had an explanation about the breed in our introduction, now the breed has moved into the mainstream enough to be recognizable to a large percentage of the cattlemen.  The Speckle Park breed has done an amazing job to educate the industry about the merits of these cattle.  It is up to us to provide the cattle that will prove people RIGHT.


Peter Vogel
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Josh & Kathleen Vogel Family
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