LEGACY Speckle Park

LEGACY Speckle Park

LEGACY Speckle Park LEGACY Speckle Park LEGACY Speckle Park

Theodore, Saskatchewan. Canada

About Us


Legacy Speckle Park

Is a 2500 acre ranch operated by the Vogel family in the Beaver Hills of east central Saskatchewan.  Consisting of both registered and commercial Speckle Park cattle.  Legacy Speckle Park makes a living by breeding cattle and building character in their part of the world.  We value our family, our grass, our cattle and our environment.  


No More Hard Work....

What's that you say? Legacy Speckle Park cattle.  We raise and sell registered two year old speckle park bulls and open speckle park females. We value hard work and perseverance, especially in a cow herd.  We can assist your to create you own low maintenance herd.  By using some of our genetics, you will decrease your work load on the ranch.  Our cattle are easy to raise and look after. When you see your new athletic bull cover all his cows and still turn into a healthy, sound, and fleshy herd sire without melting out, you can't help but crack a smile.


Why Not?

Over the years of using Speckle Park genetics we have replaced early skepticism with complete belief in this breed.  We have striven from the beginning to focus on traits that matter economically.  Pick any three, in any order and we can ensure you we have them.  Scrutiny and a critical attitude are good traits to have in your seedstock producer.  We tell you like it is, not just what you want to hear! Your trust becomes our success.